wave and drop of water

Princess Gaia (PG) “interviews”: The wave and the drop of water

(The drop of water arrives in the Ocean after a long travel around the world…)


Wave: Hello, drop of water and welcome in the Ocean, you finally made it! Way to go! Tell me about your adventure from the start. I want to hear all of it.

Drop of water: Hey, wait, wave. Give me some moments of rest. Some moments of stillness. Of sensing, how it resonates with me, of finally having arrived here. I am not sure, if I am ready yet, if I want the sun to pick me up once more, carrying me away.

Wave: Come on, drop, you know exactly, that you ought not to be the one who chooses. The sun will take you – or it will not. Let me recall the quote about the cloud: “A cloud does not know, why it moves in just such a direction and at such speed, it feels an impulsion… this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons.”

Drop of water: Well, YOU, wave, might believe in these kinds of old sayings. I trust only in me and the actions I take. It does not act me, I act it. And if you ask me, I HAVE seen beyond horizons, yes, yes, I have.

Wave: So tell me about your travels, then. Was every step of yours intended? Or did something bigger lead your way through?

Drop of water: Well, wave, …

PG: Hello, you two, what’s going on? You seem to be in wild discussions. May I join in?

Wave: Yes, please, feel free. The drop of water was just about to tell me the story of its adventure through life. We would like to find out, about how much of it was fate and how much of it was own intention. And we were wondering, what “beyond horizons” might be.

PG: Well, that is very interesting. Human beings ask the same. They wonder of their impact on their own life and the development of the world. And some human beings also believe to be able to see beyond horizons. Okay then, drop, just go on, if you don’t mind.

Drop of water: Okay, where can I start? This story has no real beginning, as I suggest. But my first memories are the ones of a forest. It was wonderful, I lay there – as what humans call dew – on a dark green leaf of an oak-tree. The forest was nice, peaceful and calm, this felt like a cosy human family life, as I imagine it to be. Then, one morning, a ray of light touched me. It tickled me and slowly changed my consistence into something light. Oh, what a great feeling of adventure this was. Leaving home into an unknown future.

Wave: Now let me ask you, drop. Did you intend to leave the leaf or did the sun just take you?

Drop of water: Well, now, that you question me. Yes, you are right. The sun did not ask. But the impulse of going with it, was just so strong, that it felt like my own decision.

PG: Maybe, this is, what human beings call “intrinsic motivation”. Something from deep inside drives them. And the circumstances on the outside seem to be just made to follow the inner intention.

Drop of water: The sun pulled me up above into the sky. There I was. I looked upon the world from high up and this beauty was overwhelming. And yes, from there I could see beyond horizons, wave. (jumps up and down in excitement) Yes, yes, I could.

Wave: But drop, do you really think, THIS was beyond horizons? I, as a wave, have been to where I thought, the horizon is. And I painfully had to find out, that it was just an illusion. When I reached the so thought “horizon”, another one just showed up like magic.

Drop of water: No, you are kidding me, wave. Don’t tell me, that I have been through all these travels and still don’t know the truth about life.

PG: Go on, drop, what else has happened?

Drop of water: Well. It got crowded up there in the cloud. All of us thought to be special, because we were up there, high in the sky, seeing beyond horizon. We started to compete to reach places on top of the others. Then all of a sudden, life up there became uncomfortable, too crowded, to competitive, cold, dark, wet. A mountain. A lightening and thunder. And I could not react and was thrown out, back on the ground. Into a new part of the adventure. But again, wave. It was my own intention to leave this cloud. The circumstance of the thunderstorm supported my way out.

Wave: Or some “higher power” led your way out. And made you believe, it was your own will.

Drop of water: Okay, wave, I understand now. Well, Princess, to make it short then: On the mountain it was freezing cold, I became something called “snow”, then I rolled down the hill with the others, melted and we came across a river, which kindly brought us to an even bigger river. And one day, after smoothly floating along, meeting fish and ships along the way, we arrived here. In the Ocean.

PG: Wow. What a wonderful story.

Drop of water: Yes, I thought so, too. At least until I thought, that it was my own chosen way. But now I see, that fate has brought me here. Or some higher power. Or whatever. I am disappointed. Why am I here? On this place called earth?

PG: (all of a sudden thinking about humankind again) Why, dear drop, do you want to know? Can’t you just be?

Wave: Yes, my dear drop, why can’t you just be?

Drop of water: Why can’t I just be? Is this really, what you ask me? I can’t. I have a mission. I saw drops on the way, who were stuck on their paths, some of them were in unhealthy, sour consistency, some of them fighting for the nicer place on a leaf, some were falling down on the ground as tears and others still are stuck in toilets of humankind. I need to lead them their path. Here to the Ocean.

Wave: Are you sure, that this is the place to be, drop, one-hundred percent?

Drop of water: I don’t know. Princess, do you?

PG: No. I don’t either. Is there something like THE place to be? Wave? Drop?

Wave: Let us hang out here for a while, together, and sense, think, rest.

Drop of water: Yes. Let us hang out. Together. In silence.

PG: (sighs after a while) Yes, to me, this feels just right. Being here. This very moment. With the two of you. This is THE “place to be”. For now, at least. There will come another. Brought about by fate or own will. But for now, this is it!

Drop of water smiles. In silence.

The three of them cuddle. In silence.