My name is Julia

My name is Julia.

I am human and I am you. And you are me. And I am a child of the world. That makes you a child of the world as well. The child of Gaia, our mother earth. Moreover, we are part of our world, our mother earth. Part of Gaia. You and me and all the others. So, if I’m a princess. Then you can be too. If you are a dragon, then I can be one too. You may call me what you like to call me. And I just call you friend. You may behave towards me as you like it. I bow to you. And I treat you with love and respect. I trust you. Because you are me. Dear human friend, dear beautiful creature, whoever you are. I am glad that you exist. Stay for a while. In deep love, I bow to you, to all the others and to our mother, Gaia.


The princess.