The little Princess Part 2

If I listen closely, I can hear them all the time. And they are many. And my magic tent was a crowded place all of a sudden. My head was about to explode, I almost freaked out. And then the Planet Earth, Gaia herself, stepped up and raised her calm voice, which came along with some kind of a warm breeze. Relief and silence arose among the others. Gaia then taught me how to choose myself, who and what I wanted to talk to next and she demanded patience from everyone else on Earth and asked them to write letters.

I am a fast reader and translator of words that are invisible for others and the pen in my hand on the paper is almost running by itself when I am in my Princess Gaia tent. And while I read, translate and write, I suddenly find myself right inside the world of the thing, I write about…

Come with me under that tent. Turn your inside out together with me. It is nice and cosy, secure and warm. It is an adventure. And anything can happen here.



I could tell you about dragons and other creatures, I might be able to talk about the very insides of emotions, of common goods, of nature. And I might even want to take you into the very insides of every word I receive from out there. But they are many, they could overwhelm you. As they all so often overwhelm me.

Like the many letters, which I received right after Gaia, our Planet, raised her voice and brought about relief and silence.

Hard and lonely times of trying to translate everything I read to my fellow humans went by. No one believed in what I wanted to express. My friends handled me for crazy, when one day finally, a book stepped up to me. And it was not any book. No. It rather was THE BOOK, the diary of Gaia itself.

“Dear Princess Gaia,” it said. “I kindly ask you to translate my pages to humankind, these pages are urgently to be transformed into human language and when you have done so, you will find other humans, who understand. I promise. It is almost Christmas, dear Princess. You have worked a lot. And now it is time to harvest. It is time to find these energies, that are ready to go with you. Those energies, who care.”

Crying tears of hope, shaking the feeling of loneliness of my shoulders, shivering in fear of failing, I read. I translated, I wrote:

The diary of the Earth


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