The dragons conversations

The dragons – striving on

Sept 12th 2018

“Dear Gentlemen! Thank you for the dragon meeting. It was a good start and call for a follow-up. As the Japanese saying goes: what happens once may not happen again, what happens twice will happen again. It was a meeting where we tried to show us as openly as possible. It was a lot about our dragonness and griffonness. There is certainly a lot we can learn from each other for our personal development, growing in strength, daring to make use of our talents if we are willing to continue on this path. We did not really touch yet, what we want to bring to the world. We are mindful and caring taking one step at a time. This is wise, yet with great power comes great responsibility. We shall talk about this next time.”

Sept 14th 2018

“Hi Griffin, Hi Dragon, and not to forget our wonderful princess. Thank you for our first meeting and how open, trustful and deep you showed up and saw me. I completely agree, this was a first moment, a good start...  And I’d love to set a purpose for our next meeting: Find out, what we want to bring to the world or what wants to be brought to the world by us.... And by this, I emphasize my ending of the meeting: I want to see you again! I bow to you and send best energies.”

Sept 16th 2018

“Dear Princess and Dragons, It was great to meet all of you this week, thank you for making it possible. I took to home that from quite different perspectives we share a common concern about the future of humanity and do our best to open spaces of opportunity for the world as a better place for life in the broadest sense. Let´s keep doing that, I am sure our paths will cross again and engender something new anytime soon. With my warmest regards from Griffin´s home.”

Sept 19th 2018

A poem
I am someone who is no one. And I am no one who is someone. Do I want to be no one? Am I allowed to be someone? If I am you and we the world. Who then is the world? How can she be someone if she does not allow it? How can she be seen if she is a no one? How can I allow myself to be someone? Without holding on to wanting to be someone? How can I feel seen as a no one? Without wanting to call out loud for attention? How do you do it? How could the world make it?

Dragons and Griffin, 
I do not know why I send you this poem today. But perhaps I would like to tell you all that each one should acknowledge the meaning the other has for himself and which value the others have in relation to his own thinking, or, how beautifully you are confronted to discover new perspectives. Yes, Carlos is right when he says it’s about the interdependencies. Yes, Louis is right when he says it’s about the collective spirit of togetherness, about the world as a whole. Yes, Heiko is right when he says it’s about healing the individual. If we are no one, then there is no opportunity for interdependence, because no one is not having relations to anybody. Then there would not be any meaning for a collective. If one is not stable and healthy as a whole (consisting of parts), then the interdependence is not healthy, then there is even no way for a right life in the wrong life, because it will be rather a wrong life in right life. If the interdependence is not balanced, the whole thing will not be stable in order to keep the individual resilient. I could go on forever, it’s a rat’s tail … I am aware that you all have a lot to do. But do not just write nice e-mails to each other, now that you have finally met. Use your skills. Use your ideas. Your differences. Your creativity. Your networks. And meet again. I bow in deepest love, Princess Gaia

Princess Gaia speaks.