September 14th 2018

Diary entry of the Earth (September 14th 2018)

Dear Diary No. 7.528.903.582, dear „reconciliation“, how beautiful, how beautiful, how beautiful.

You were right when you told me that I was not sick. „illness“ and „health“ are no fixed states. It rather is an „as well as,“ a dance. Life. I feel so good since you exist. And that’s not just because you’ve found the princess, not just because the princess tracked down the dragons, but because you are here with me. I thank you for your being and I bow to you in deepest love. 

Guess what’s happening in the world right now. People get used to the dragons. They see them flying sometimes farther away, sometimes close by, and they enjoy them.

And they get a new sense of who they are, who they want to be and that everything is allowed. They begin to play and dance with each other and to redefine „life“ in a wonderful way. And I have this feeling of interdependency between Human and environment finally being realized. I picked one example for the moment.

Read it yourself: 

Martin, 13 years old, Berlin. 

"Dear world,

I am happy, because my teacher saw a dragon last week. She told us about him and looked very happy with herself. That is good, because she has always been so critical and perfectionist with herself and with us. I do not know what he discussed with her, but she has changed since. 

On Monday she asked us students to write our names and the names of all the classmates on a piece of paper and to leave a little space next to the names. Then she told us to think about what the nicest thing would be, we could say about each of them and to write this right next to the names. Before the doorbell rang, we gave the notes to our teacher.  In the following evenings after school she wrote each student's name on a sheet of paper, along with a list of those nice remarks we had made about each other. 

Today is Friday. Each of us got our own personalized list during the last lesson. After a moment of silent reading, all of us smiled. "Really?" I heard the others whisper. "I did not know that I meant anything to anyone!" And "I did not know that others like me so much". I too, am very happy because I do not really have many friends. My list is hidden under the pillow right now, until I find a really good place for it. 

I hope the dragons visit us once in class.  I myself have already figured out what I want to be next to being human. I would like to be a magician. As magician I could bring joy to my mother from time to time, for she is very sad since my father has left her. And you know, world, I think I'm already a little magician, because sometimes I can do it. Make her smile. Not always though. Sometimes it goes backwards. But I practice diligently.  

Warm greetings to you, and to the dragons, and should they be around, I'll just leave my address ... " 


Gymnasium, school of Martin’s, 47 years old, Berlin 

“Dear world, 

I saw Martin writing his letter to you and the feeling of pleasure is one of a kind I have never felt before, not even when I started my career as a school.  

I hope, it does not seem weird to you, that a building, a school, writes letters. But Humans have a new way to create meaning in their social behaviors. They call Organizations and Institutions “Living Systems”. I like that idea and therefore want to express my gratefulness to you, mother Earth. 

Things have changed indeed, since Martin’s teacher opened the discussion of changing the culture within my stony walls. We do not know, where it leads us to, but we are courageous, we trust in ourselves and we love to face an adventure, which gives us the opportunity, to create space for all our students to become more self-aware, more self-organized and more resilient. Children within me, this school, from now on, are not only "taught" by teachers, they are rather being "enabled" to dance, play, live, connect with each other and the world itself. 

I see many more smiling faces in the mornings than before. I listen to much more meaningful conversations around me. And I sense a positive excitement of a kind, which I felt once, when I still was a brick wall, on my way to become a school. 

Thank you, world. Thank you dragons.

No more words, just joyful astonishment. Sincerely. The School.”