Readers’ Letters

October, 27th 2018, A dream of Gitta Peyn (, friend of Princess Gaia:

My dear Princess Gaia,
I really do like what you are trying here, so let me give you a note you can read to your friends if you like.
You go, girl

Dear Humans,

for a short while now you walk my grounds, you breathe my air, you drink my water, you eat my plants and animals, and I have watched you closely to see how you are doing.
There is something that seems not obvious enough to you, so let me explain:

 Many of you call me "Mother Earth", and in a way this is true. I do care for you. I work with my own mother, the Universe and with my friends, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Evolution to create life, and you are life.

 You already know that this is all about balance, about selection, adaptation and variation. That is what life does and that is what I do. But you don't care. And I am not the romantic, emotional type. You are an experiment, and I do love you, but I will not throw myself in front of catastrophe in order to protect you. And I will certainly not protect you from yourself. I let you run free and we will see if you are a success or not. To me it is all about life itself, not about a single species. So stop behaving like an irresponsible child or narcissistic prick. Your emotional state is not reason enough to harm the very conditions you need to survive. On the contrary: it has to become an argument for you to change for the better, because your emotional state is part of a bigger environment and you can participate in pollution or in caring clarity – this is far more up to you than you think.

 Don't you see? Intelligence is a challenge. If you don't take it, you will fall. Your psychological disposition is a matter of survival not only to and of yourself but to and of your species as a whole!

 It looks that you believe all will stay the same no matter how you behave, that somehow a miracle will save you. But in this you are wrong. No miracle will save you from your mistakes. When you mess with my climate, I will adapt, you won't. When you kill all life in the oceans and on land, I will bring forth new life. Even if you give me nuclear winter, I will sleep, wait, and then I will start with life again. And it will be a life without you. Maybe I will try something like you later again, but it will not be the same.

 This is not about me. This is about you. Evolution gave you intelligence (with a little help from my side), it gave you free will. And I utterly respect this. If you kill yourself, it is your decision. What you haven't realized so far is that this is an experiment of evolution itself: Is it a good idea to create such complex self-conscious individuals? Will evolution become self-referential in an emergent way in these beings, so they can take care of themselves and the life and environment they need to survive? Will they take charge over themselves, over their selfishness? Will they burn their uncouth moods, test their intellect with subtlety and their higher selves in noble-mindedness?

 Only you can answer these questions. Only you can take up the challenge and change willingly and with love in your hearts for yourself, for all living things and for me. But understand this: I don't care if you love me or not. You loving me and all life is a thing you have to do in order to survive. I don't need you. I support you if you support me. But I am a problem solver, I don't deal in emotional responses. When you become my problem, I change, so you will be no problem any longer. And if you believe you have to save me, you are so out of your league ...

 Of course it is a shame that it is not enough for you to harm yourself, that you have to harm other beings too in order to live the way you believe the only way worth living. But this is your shame, not mine. I have seen life forms coming and going. Life is experimenting, evolution is all about change. If you don't understand this: your problem. If you stay rigid you die.

 Some of you have emerged as conscious agents of evolution. The question is: Will you listen to them? Will you support them? Will you sharpen your mind? Will you open your heart? Will you start to reflect your way of life and the conditions you set for the life you need in order to survive? Or will you not.

 This is your turn. I already started to work on other things. You gave me no choice. But I leave you a small window to get your things right.

 Here is what you have to do in order to survive, and you will be surprised that I don't talk about protecting the environment. You already know you have to do that, it is obvious. Don't play stupid.

 What you don't realize enough is this:

 You have to change the way you think fundamentally. You have to evolve. You are not that smart you think you are, and I don't care if you feel offended when I tell you that you aren't. You have to use what life gave you to make yourself better. You have developed incredible abilities, but you tend to be lazy and careless the moment your bellies are filled, you have a roof over your head and things are going your way. Then you become naive and you start to believe that you have a right to be what you are and no obligation to change. Somehow you seem to think that your success authorizes the way you behave. Heavens are you wrong about that! This is your biggest problem. Arrogance. You don't think in long term consequences. You don't question yourself sufficiently! When you talk about change, you talk politics. But politics is just something that happens along the way of your social evolution and it can not solve all the problems you are facing right now. It is you, the individual, I am adressing. It is all about you, not about the others. It is about your greed, your carelessness, your weak mind, heart and action. You fool around, you don't take evolution seriously. If you don't start to work on yourself, you are doomed. Simple as that.

 Got it?

Good. Now go and read a book about math or chemistry or physics or so and stop this useless talking. There is work to do, get it done.