Current and Ongoing Projects

My friends from all over the world – to name but a few: Anete, David, Duncan, Jens and Kenneth – give back the voice to the voiceless and let beautiful stories arise. Together we have initiated a STORYTELLING FOR GAIA Movement and bring our participants closer to the method of TRUE STORYTELLING introducing them to the notion of CRITICAL ZONES.
The Princess Gaia YouTube-Channel is another try to give things, nature and the planet their voices back. 
Screenshot_2020-04-19 Looking beyond CSR Part One mp4
The newest project will be an ongoing conversation with Dr. D, who is a master in Entrepreneurship with his own YouTube Channel. 


The Book Project Gaia Dialogue - The Philosophy of Earthly Things
With the Book Project Gaia Dialogue – The Philosophy of Earthly Things, we – Wiki (BEAUTIFUL LAYOUT), Kasia (AMAZING ILLUSTRATIONS) and I (the author) – have found another way to give things, nature and the planet their voices back. Find some great friends here.
Let us cultivate loving kindness for all beings on all worlds. Let us support the new energy of caring, serving, sharing laughing, loving and being together with Gaia to grow and thrive.Just like she dreamt of, lately. 
The song of Mother Earth.jpg
The conversations with non-physical and physical beings can be found on my Medium-Channel – my favorite dialogue with Gaia, in which she tells me about the dream she had, I have even translated into German and read it aloud for those, who prefer listening. 
The Printernet Project
As editor of The Printernet Project, I try to support my friend Michael from New York to have his beautiful idea of bringing about social justice into the world grow and thrive.
After I had published stories for children (in German), some beautiful drawings from children approached me.