Current and Ongoing Projects

WISDOM WORKSHOP for Future Leadership with my friend Purvi from Living India

a Podcast Series with a new Chapter every Friday!

Dr. D University meets Princess Gaia – on YouTube.

Dr. D University and Princess Gaia – thanks to technology it does not feel like distance!

Find some articles from  here – or ask via E-Mail for the Book Gaia Dialogue with selected other conversations between the things, nature and the planet earth and Princess Gaia.

The Book Project Gaia Dialogue - The Philosophy of Earthly Things

Bodywhispering – The Journey into the Source of Being

The 7th annual Weekly Women Entrepreneurship will begin virtually on Sept. 21st and run through November 13, 2020. We will feature talks and interviews with female founders and entrepreneurs weekly.


GIVING VOICE – Storytime with Princess Gaia


Jane invited me to tell my story…


UNDERSTANING WATERS PROBLEMS – A project with the Storytellers for Gaia


After I had published stories for children (in German), some beautiful drawings from children approached me.