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Princess Gaia’s Podcast

Nothing is as important to me, as a life filled with joy and love. For every being. And I am not only talking about now, my gaze rather goes towards the future. As mother. I would want my son, his friends and the generations that follow, to have the opportunity to live a joyful life with love and peace and companionship. And the well-being, the beauty, the balance of our Planet Earth, or Gaia, as I refer to it, is playing a huge role to being able to accomplish that, on one hand of course. On the other hand, we should not forget about ourselves, our individual well-being, beauty and balance.

Princess Gaia came to life, when I decided, that Gaia, our Planet things, and nature should have a right to be heard, be able to communicate, be allowed to be part of the conversation. In all these debates about the changing world, about the Anthropocene, about climate change, I want to give things a voice.

If our Planet Earth is alive like we are, then this very living being, Gaia, might want to communicate with us. What would she tell us, if we could hear her speak?

Be an imaginative human being. Change your perspective on life. Listen to the voices of things. With the PRINCESS GAIA PODCAST SERIES, you are given the opportunity to find the beauty and fall in love with the ugly truth in our self-made illusion of life. This is a series of letters, interviews and conversations from and with things, nature and the planet Earth itself.




Please contact me, if you would love to give your voice to a thing, that cannot speak human itself. The sound studio is located in Berlin and the Takes will be produced in the English versions for the moment being. Any accent is very welcome.

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