Dear human friend,

I bow to you and thank you so much for your honesty, your trust, your fellowship, your particioation.

Here are your throughout November collected sentences:

I was diagnosed “schizophrenic”, until now – I am finally diagnosed “human” again… It is all about LOVE. And conciliation. Be the sun you want to shine, the love you want to share, the world you want to live in! Finally, I am encouraged to show myself to the world as the real me. I can change a great many things – or I can change myself. If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together. Where is the “reset” button? Good morning, my dear apple-tree, how are you feeling today? Make a wish – I am a fairy. I feel at home… just by being able to sense you … whoever you are… wherever you are… Wanna dance with me? Today is a great day. Courage, to take an active part in changing the World. Can I become a hero? I have awakened. These brick walls surrounding my heart are slowly softening, opening up. One’s ability to succeed is always proportional to one’s willingness to fail. I love my children. Thank you, Gaia. What if …? Liberate your magic! Accepting my shadows and welcoming them into my life… We change the matrix and play a new game. Enjoy every second of your life, because we only own the moment. Time for Action! Let us create conditions for every (living) thing to be able to thrive. All of a sudden … just like a miracle … there is hope … everywhere I look. There’s not one person on Earth who’s here for the same purpose as me! Make friends not enemies. Just be – someone new every day – creature, soul, living thing… It’s about time for the youngest species on earth to grow up and live up to the name it gave itself: “homo sapiens”. I came here for a reason. The reason is love. Let us enjoy our presence on Earth. Every morning, when I collect the overnight laid eggs of my wonderful hens, I thank mother Earth for these little wonders. My Core Value is TRUST.

November answer

More answers are always welcome, and yet, now, there has been brought up a new question. The December-Question.