Network of Meditation

August 2018

Dear mother Earth, I am very pleased to write this letter to you. As a good friend of the princess, I bow to you with gratitude. Some time ago, the princess and I have started to create a network of Meditation.

We decided to meet once a week, 
every Monday morning at 06:00 a.m. Berlin time 
to meditate for half an hour.

This gives us the opportunity to connect with each other in a very deep way, while our lives are as fast as they are, we rarely have chances to talk to each other on the phone or even to physically meet. Connecting with the calm and loving energy of meditation creates a space in between us and it feels as if we actually meet somewhere in this space. We have decided to invite friends from all over the world to join us in meditation at the same time, once a week. And my feeling of togetherness, my sense of interdependency, my growth as a resilient part of a whole becomes bigger and bigger each week.

This is the reason, 
why I would like to invite you, mother Earth, as well, 
to join us every Monday at 06:00 a.m. Berlin time. 
And with you, every other human being, every soul and every creature 
is hereby invited to join us.

I bow to you all and might meet you somewhere in this beautiful space, we create every Monday from now on.

Love and joy to you all.