Accompanying Gaia


Dear Human friend, dear soul, dear creature, whoever you are.

Life is full of stories. Beautiful stories attract us, allow us to be touched, let something shine through, happiness, love, life. Other stories hold us, do not let us go, force us into patterns of a belief which provide no luck, love or life. All those stories belong to us, the people. Because we are life. Life is happening within us.

As children of the world, our Mother Earth, Gaia, we are immediately part of every story that is told. Beautiful stories have become less and are being replaced by stories of greed, hatred, abundance, poverty, suffering and war. Sometimes we find it difficult to find them, these great and joyful stories. And to create new beautiful ones is giving us hard times as well. Maybe because we are not believed in. Our words get stuck in our throat. The message is not understood by the listeners …

We might be able to create life new, if many of us build a story – full of love, joy, trust, courage, responsibility and community – together. A new epic can be brought about. Let us invent this new story, carry it out into the world. Let us prepare a gift for our Mother Earth – in humility and gratitude, which lays the foundation for a new humanity and a new way of dealing with life.

I welcome you to share your stories with me, Princess Gaia and with the world. What wants to be heard within your heart, your soul, your guts? What is it, that shines through? How is the not obvious, the word between the lines, wanted to be put into words, into sentences, into a story?

Let us create stories of love, trust, courage, community and responsibility. Let us be healing artists. Let us be human beings, souls, creatures or anything not possible to be defined yet.

I bow to you, the Princess.