Humming for Climate

We are still collecting Videos from all over the world!

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Dear human friends.

My dear friend Netty has started this wonderful program due to her vision of a beautiful life on a thriving planet earth, who she cares for very profoundly.

Join us and other movements. Every month. Every day. Every moment of life.

Let us cultivate loving kindness for all beings on all worlds. Let us support the new energy of caring, serving, sharing laughing, loving and being together with Gaia to grow and thrive.

Join the movement and send in videos, in which you are humming, chanting, silently sitting, contemplating. Tell us where you are. Tell us, what time there is.

And then, allow this contemplation to happen anytime and anywhere. And cultivate the loving kindness towards everyone.

With a deep bow.

Princess Gaia.

Why did we choose the 7th of each month?

  • there are 7 layers of skin
  • the rainbow has 7 colors
  • there are 7 directions
  • ocean waves roll in 7s
  • the sound has 7 notes
  • 7 is the number of spiritual and physical completeness
  • the week has 7 days, with the day of rest as the 7th of them
  • there are 7 wonders in the ancient world
  • there are 7 deadly sins, seven virtues and seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • we know of 7 “classical” planets
  • 7 is an important number for many different religions and cultures

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