Gaia Dialogue


Gaia Dialogue – The Philosophy of Earthly Things

Dear human friends, the books have arrived, they are in full health and thanks to the printer, are beautiful and hand-made. There is a stack of a couple of hundreds waiting to be sent and read! Thanks to all of you who made this possible to happen.

Price: 32,90 €

Please check your E-Mail after having made the order – an invoice should be with you within one day. Some orders do not come through to my E-Mail-Account. If you do not hear back from me, send an e-mail to Thanks for your support. Julia (PS: special offer 15% of all April!)

Please order here!

If you wish to order more than one book or wish for a special text as signature from Princess Gaia, please use the "Further Notice" Box. Thank you very much. I will inform you via Mail about the shipping cost, which might vary.
Please note: It will take about 1 to 14 days to ship at the moment, I promise to be as fast as I can!

If wished, your books will be signed from Princess Gaia personally.

plus shipping fee (they can vary, I try to keep them cheap as I can).


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