Dragon Quotes

“Free not lonely, Connected not bound, Loved and not obsessed, Loving and not possessing, Alive...”
“I am so glad that we have met, unfinished, as we are, and that we allowed us to accompany each other on our way through space and time, even though we do not yet know who we are.”
“Taking love does not commit you to anything, but it brings the world back into the flow of living life. Panta rhei - everything flows.”
“It's not about teaching people what life should be like, but about creating conditions for every living thing and every plant to thrive. It's about love. Love in the sense of giving without expecting anything.”
“Sometimes, at night, the dragon rises, flies through the air and robs sensual moments, brings happiness and distraction to the people, forgets, lives the moment and flies off again at dawn."
"A recommendation from me: Breathe ... and go to sleep. "
"I had a wonderful day. After my lecture, came a 79-year-old man from within the audience, squeezed a tear and said to me: „Dear Mr. Dragon, what I take from this beautiful lecture of yours, are two terms, reconciliation and thriveability. I have not heard these words for a long time now and we desperately need them."  The dragons are back."
"When a racist marries an African-American woman. When a suicide bomber on the way to the stadium decides to let go of the bomb belt and simply is peacefully watching the game with the others. When a child shares his bread with another. When the policeman chooses not to hit demonstrators with his bat and earnestly explores their motive by respectful questions instead. When a dancing-class takes place in which German Christians, Afghan refugees, Indian IT experts and Syrian Muslims dance with each other across cultures... "