Dear human friend.

This is the place, where we can give back what Gaia generates for us. Every donated 5 € will directly be passed on to Gaia and transformed into – what I call – “Gaia Salary”. As donor, you allow the emerging and thriving of a beautiful outcome for all beings on earth. This might be anything from the worldwide reduction of poverty, over the equal possibility for all humans to get a good and affordable healthcare, or gender equality to a healthy apple tree in our backyard or clean drinkable water on a daily base for every one on earth.

Everything we give we get back at the same time.  The turnover is a beautiful life.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for donating.

Julia (aka Princess Gaia)

Would you like to donate on behalf of Gaia?

Thank you very much for donating here. This button goes in (x times) 5 € steps upwards, as you like. With love I bow to you. Julia