Diary of the Earth


Gaia is a Goddess, according to Greek mythology, the Great Mother Earth, our world. “She” is described in it as “born out of chaos.” In my further understanding of the ancient Greek stories, ocean, earth surface and the sky were brought about by Gaia herself. Her portrayal as a goddess in mythology is one of dignity. On statues of her, we can still see when we are traveling through Greece, the lower half of her body is often positioned within the Earth the other half is big and reaches far out. In honour of Gaia, temples were built throughout Greece to worship her as natural deity. She was called Goddess of nature, of birth, growth and death as the almighty who gives life and takes back the dead in her womb.

The Gaia Hypothesis.

Nowadays, science has given our Planet Earth an even more significant value. I am talking about a Gaia who is more than just our Mother Earth, by some researchers “she” is considered of being a living creature. This is how it is described in the Gaia hypothesis (James Lovelock).

According to the Gaia Hypothesis the Earth is – like us – a living being. This would mean, since everything is related to everything, that the world survives with our existence and that we will live or die with it. Mother Earth, in the hypothesis, is considered to collaborate together with the organisms living on “her” and the biosphere surrounding “her”. This makes “her” a living being, as a whole. This living being Earth would maintain “her” stability by the so called “dynamic system” – its earth’s surface – and through the “self-organization” of all living organisms. The hypothesis presupposes these two factors as a given. This would mean that the Earth has let us, humankind, being created for “her” own preservation. The fact that there is a balance and living flow between the dynamic system of the Earth’s surface and the self-organized biosphere, gives the Gaia Hypothesis its means.

In the most beautiful of my worlds, the Earth would truly be acting as our mother. It would protect and provide us, as well as all plants and animals, with everything we need at every moment of our lives. It would deliver us, with air, water, food, with healing herbs, with heat, light and energy and magical processes such as photosynthesis, births of new living beings or the balanced flow of the atmosphere. To give us the opportunity to grow, thrive and enjoy life. The world would no longer just be our environment or something that takes place outside of us, but rather it would become a part of us, in us and around us. According to this idea, no matter what culture, group, religion, sexual identity we would belong to, none of us would be “better”, “worse” or “more valuable” than the other, but rather would we all express the same in our individual ways. Because what we all would be, would be global citizens.

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