Diary of the Earth


Dear human friend

I wrote this story as present for myself – last year (December 2017). It just came to me, as I thought about how treasurable life itself on this beautiful Earth is to me. My greatest wish for my son, his friends, our children´s children and many generations after is that they as well will still be able to witness these five Wonders of Earth, as I call them. The five Wonders of Earth to me are the powerful Ocean, the clear Air we breathe, the fertile Surface of the Earth, the full Life and the never ending Love. This Story encourages me to think about life every time I read or hear it again. It makes me thoughtful and gives me more than just the feeling that something should happen on Earth. It also is more than reflecting about what can be better, more than blaming others and more than giving away responsibility.


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Diary of the Earth / Tagebuch der Welt