December 15th 2017

Diary entry of the Earth (Dec. 15th, 2017)


Dear diary number 7.528.903.581.

I received this letter last night. It flew in via Quantum, its origin unknown. As I read it, I was shocked and felt threatened. But read it yourself:

Hello World.

I am your Agony.

You can see me, when a forest suddenly becomes an accumulation of stubs.

You can hear me, when people in areas of war cry and scream.

You can feel me, when the Earth quakes.

I am here to inform you.

I give you information about the imbalance in yourself.

Yet, I am acute and you can handle me with little impact.

But soon I will be there chronically.

Then the accumulation of stubs will become bigger.

Then the screams coming out of war areas will become louder.

Then you will notice the quakes of the Earth even more.

It is time to take me serious.

Hello Human Being.

I am your Agony.

You can see me, when a person is freezing and starving in the streets, begging for money.

You can hear me, when others are laughing while humiliating you.

You can feel me, when you are shaking and sweating in fear and sorrow.

I am here to inform you.

I give you information about the imbalance in yourself.

Yet, I am acute and you can handle me with little impact.

But soon I will be there chronically.

Then the number of freezing and starving people in the streets will become bigger.

Then the humiliating laughter in your ears will become louder.

Then your body will shake and sweat even more in fear and sorrow.

It is time to take me serious.


I guess you can understand my excitement, dear diary, as I read this poem. Now, that I try to calm down again, I figure, that doing nothing is not changing a thing. That this Agony exists. It is time to act. I will start with asking myself some questions. And I will pass them on to the others. And then we shall meet and find possible solutions.

There is this song in my head. “Mad World”. It makes me even more thoughtful.

Thoughtful is good. Before I have been arrogant – or let´s rather call it “overwheening” – floating on the wave of success. The Quality of Life on me was just perfect, the population was growing since the first glimpse. Institutions I have built up for survival of any being, the Ocean, the Ground, the Air, were all respected, their worth for life was known and thanked for. There was something like an awe and humility about Nature. And the Human Being, which acted as “Leitwolf” of all living beings, developed beautifully. On the other hand, one level up, I worked together with my partners pretty well. Sun, Moon, the other seven Planets and me. We structured ourselves in Orbits, which gave me the luxury to become a Planet on which things can happen and life can develop. And be kept. Nothing is easier than that, I thought at this very moment. As we were sitting all together and the others said to me: “go ahead and show us, if this is possible. If you succeed, we might want to try it as well.”

Well. I succeeded. At least I thought so. But it´s getting out of hand. For a longer time already. And I ignored it. The biggest danger in success is to want to keep hold onto it instead of letting it pass by with ease.

When exactly did it happen? When went this thankfulness and reverence concerning the Nature and other living beings away? And why did it happen? What did I do wrong? What light led to this shadow? How can I change course? Can I?

I know, I won´t find a solution by myself. This is, why I will write a Quantum-Mail and send it to my Allies. And I will do it today.

This time I will have to be true to my partners. The Planets. As until now I haven´t informed them truthfully about things going on down there. Things like War, hunger, poverty. As Mars was wondering about Human interest in him, I explained it to him as curiosity. I dropped the part of fear to live on me, the Earth, as a worthless place to be living on. Shame on me. I failed. I will write them all and hope for the best.

And then I will write a second letter. To Ocean, Atmosphere, the Earth´s Surface and all living beings. It will be send via Quantum and not everyone will be able to receive it. In the early days everybody could communicate like this. Animals still can. It´s their intuition to survive. The Human being mainly lost it in his fight for sovereignty on Earth. I have let it happen, because it just looked georgeous from here. This light during the night, this warmth during winter. These smiles in faces when discovering something new. This structure, which theoretically makes it possible for no one to starve on hunger anymore. Children are born with this sensitivity to communicate, but it has to be trained. And Human beings rather train their children in order to survive in their own Game of success. They are forgetting about their greatest gift ever.


Letter #1:

Dear Sun, Moon and Partner Planets,

I am in need for your help. At the same time I want to say sorry to all of you, because I kept still about this matter until now. I remained silent, to avoid your scorn and laughter. I didn´t say a word, to keep on receiving this tribute. And I kept my mouth shut to let this feeling of success not go away and change into a feeling of failure. I cheated on myself.

To keep it short: the world I created, is running out of hands. The challenge I took snootily long ago, which I thought to be able to just shake out of my wrist, went over my own head. I need advice and support. Help me to analyse my mistakes and create new ideas to learn, how to make it better. For me and for yourselves, if you ever consider creating life on your own planet as well someday. I need to act in order to elude the unavoidable. To destroy my own self.

Letter #2:

Dear members of the Earth (with all your parts that can get this Quantum-message), dear Ocean, dear Surface, dear Atmosphere, dear living beings of all kind,

This message is to all of you from a loving father, who is not just concerned about the survival of his family. Rather am I frightened about the consequences, this secure survival has upon your culture and life itself. I can sense screams from dying trees, injured people, mothers in grief. I can sense these screams from everywhere. The Ocean, the Ground, the Air, and from living beings.

Why are you not hearing them yourselves? Why are you not listening? Or are you even receiving them? So why are you ignoring them? Or are you not? Are you rather doing it as I demonstrated? Cheating on yourselves to make your lives feel better?

Let me tell you, that this is the wrong way. But as I say this to you, I want to make clear, that none of this is your fault. I set the conditions on Earth, which made this possible to happen. My phantasies had no hold at these times, when I first decided to create life.

And I am overwhelmed by this beauty of this Earth, a beauty, that overcomes every single one of my Phantasies. Georgeous is every plant, animal or Human Being. Extraordinary is what you make possible. Colorful pictures and views. Wonderful music in any tune. Emotions in a broad spectrum I have never expected to be felt. Scents and tastes. Everyday something new arises. Everything you create and let happen every single moment makes me shake in blissful astonishment and pride.

Then why? Why is happening, what is happening? Why are you not only ignoring yourselves, but are also taking away Resources of others? Without being thankful. Without respect of any kind. Without hostility. Without giving back something to this Resource as a chance to survive itself?

This letter goes to all of you, who can sense me. I need your help. Take this S.O.S and translate it to everyone else who understands. In order to act together. To heal the Earth.


Well, diary, what do you think?

Let me have one more night of rest. Tomorrow I start to fix myself and everything, that I created long ago.