Call for Creatures

Dear human friend,

being Princess Gaia may be a priviledge. Having three dragons around me might seem magical. Sensing the Energy from within our mother Earth is a wonder.

This love is not only my love, this might is not only the dragons’ might, this energy is not only Gaia’s energy. It is all within you, me and the other living beings on earth.

This makes me curious.

What kind of soul, creature, being, are you? Who do you choose to be? What wants to be realized within yourself?

Are you happy? Are you sad? What are your sorrows? Which needs do you have? What are your hopes? And are there fears?

After finding the dragons, Gaia asked me to support her in healing her and every being on her as well as creating space for communication and interaction between beings to happen. This is, what I want to do. With your support.

Dear human friend, let me serve you. Let us serve each other and the world. Serving is healing. Serving is leading. Serving is following. Serving is listening. Serving is loving. You can find me as energy around you, whenever you have the need. You can also contact me.

Let us create stories of love, trust, courage, community and responsibility.