Dear human friend.

I am Gaia.And I am both, the huge blue marble you can see from outer space as well as your very lived environment, the critical zone in which you exist. I am not feeling well. I, your Mother Earth, who you assume to nourish, cure and protect you, am not able to fulfill my task much longer. I am out of balance.

As your Goddess, the Great Mother Earth, your world, I am telling you my stories with a clear vision on regaining balance, harmony, well-being and wholeness for all.

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When you think about me, many of you still see only the Blue Marble, which you can see from outer space.

You seem to forget, that I am much more than what you can see from the orbit.
I am the Critical Zone, which stretches all the way from the tops of the highest trees down into the deepest layer of soil and rock, right here around you.

In these means, I am your very neighborhood. I am the soil you grow your food on, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the mountain you climb, the lake you swim in, the ground you build your houses on.

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