The Green Revolution

Dear human friend, shortly after Water, Soil and Pollution have raised their voices, the Nanomaterial wants to have a word with you. Enjoy as you read and then feel encouraged to explore the landscape of Nanotechnologie some more. Sincerely, The Princess.

An ode to Plastic

Dear Plastic, quite a while ago, you sent your letter to humankind. I remember you saying: "It is very painful to have once been hailed as a hero, and then to become degraded all at once to the evil of the world. …" Maybe, times are changing again. At least things happen around … Continue reading An ode to Plastic

The All is One-Hypothesis

Today, in the therapy, I talked to my dear client about being courageous and allowing himself to show who he really is. Then I realized, that my All is ONE-Hypothesis is lying in my drawer for some time by now. And I decided, I can be an example for him. I am excited, dear … Continue reading The All is One-Hypothesis