Coming Home

Dear Human Friend. What does "home" mean to you? How does it look, sound, smell, taste or feel like? And where exactly do you feel at home? How small or big is the place you call home? And if we really consider that all is one, is"home" then only just another word we have found [...]

Biene Gaia

Dear human friends. Bees are very important and precious animals and we cannot afford to lose them as they are playing a critical role in the cycle of life and there is no way for us to replicate their activities for us. On July 12th, I spend a couple of hours with Chris, the father [...]


Next Event: Water Storytelling - Sept 23rd 2020 - 6 pm CET Dr. Matthew Draud, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs, Professor, and Internationally Recognized Biologist at McMurry University (Abilene, TX).  His presentation is titled: “On the Causes and Consequences of the Global Collapse of Coral Reef Ecosystems” Anete M. Camille Strand, PhD, Professor and [...]

Humming For Gaia

Dear human friends. Join us. Every month. Every day. Every moment. Humming For Gaia on Facebook We are now (all May) collecting more Videos from around the globe. Tell us where you are and what time it is (any), and say it in your mother tongue. Then sit and meditate. Wir sammeln jetzt (den gesamten [...]