Dear human friend, dear visitor of this Website,

my name is Julia Hayden and I welcome you and deeply bow to you for your interest in this page.

Why Princess Gaia? You might ask yourself… My answers are to find on any page of this Website, in any Podcast or Video I took. My answers are to find in yourself, in me and on the Planet.


I am a passionate therapist with my own way of working on our bio-psycho-social systems.

European School of Governance

With the same passion as I take care of the well-being of all my clients individually, I am concerned with the well-being of our Planet Earth.

I am very critical about the path we take as human beings and I am very hopeful at the same time, that we all know deep inside of us, what life is about.

I am deeply concerned about storytelling. Because nowadays, we are very aware, that stories are often more powerful than facts could ever be.

Stories explain us the world, in which we live. They influence what we believe, how we feel, how we look upon the world, how we act and shape our environment.

Wonderful stories have brought us into the world, we live in today. Yet, those old stories cannot help us with our new challenges, we are facing today.

This is, why I created Princess Gaia.

Princess Gaia tells new stories. Stories of love, stories that strengthen the individual and the collective. Stories that support the Planet to heal.

By the end of the day, it will be a new narrative, consisting of new stories, that reconciles us humans with each other and with nature and the Planet.

Princess Gaia

I deeply bow to you,

Julia Hayden