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Dear Human friend, dear soul, dear creature,

this Website is a present, which I have created for myself, at the same time for you and for Gaia. Friends call me “healing artist” and maybe this already is the best way to explain the intention of Princess Gaia’s existence and of her becoming a public figure now.

As Princess Gaia I have in mind

  • to support healing with storytelling,
  • to create opportunities for others on this Planet to create their life in a way, which is full of joy, love, trust and the feeling of togetherness,
  • to open up and hold space for others to interact, to sense interdependencies in between each other and between ourselves and the world with its nature,
  • to develop a mind-set, in which we embody and take care of the resources of this Planet as if they were within us
  • to serve our mother Earth with all its beings, in order to become and stay resilient as individuals and as society,
  • to have the opportunity to express myself and stay healthy and balanced, while feeling the pain of the world
  • and to create networks of friends.

Healing Artist, yes, maybe this is exactly it. My intention is to use the expression of arts to help to heal the world.


Come with me, dear friend. Be an artist as well, tell your stories, draw your pictures, create your artworks, which you would love to present to the other beings and to Gaia.

Or contact me. If you have things on your mind, you do not want to share with every being until you decide to share it yourself.

Whatever suits you best for this moment is fine with me, with the other beings and with Gaia, our mother Earth. I bow to you.

Princess Gaia.


Accompanying Gaia

Background on Gaia and the Gaia-Hypothesis