January 1st 2018


Jan 1st 2018

My dear world.

You are a beautiful and exciting planet. On you, unlike all the other planets, there’s something going on. To my distraction, you feel sick and there is no definition for the illness you feel. That’s why I’ve decided to help you study and interpret all the symptoms you recognize as you go through the many letters you have received from all the people in the world. At the same time, I want to do my part in self-perception and self-reflection and show, how healthy you in fact are. In addition, I want to support you to turn the symptoms into resources and to find your resilience again, because when you appear with strength and health, you manage not only your own survival and that of humanity, but you will also become happy and satisfied. To reconcile yourself with the life on you as with yourself. And to reconcile human beings with each other. That’s why I want to call myself “reconciliation”.


Dear Diary Number 7.528.903.582,

Welcome to the world. I thank you very much for making yourself available in these difficult times. Good that you do not have too many pages, because at the very moment, each one of my words weighs heavily. I’m still undecided whether I want to be happy because, as everyone knows, problems always lead to solutions, or if I just should hide deep down in sadness and lethargy and never come out again. Let’s just do it the way you suggested. Find, reflect and give new meaning to what we read, maybe that works.


Part of a letter (Mustafa, 23, Afghanistan)

“… I was still a child when my father died under the attacks of foreign soldiers. And I only know the stories of my uncle. They all worked on opium plantations back then. America was our friend because Americans loved opium. It was used for drug production and for the development of modern drugs. Afghanistan was a money printing machine with perfect conditions to grow opium. So the Americans decided to help us with the cultivation and at the same time we sold our harvest to them for a ridiculous price. Unfortunately, this resulted in excessive drug use in our country, the population became addicted and ill and one day, desperately, our government simply destroyed all the plantations. Unfortunately, we became short-term public enemy number one of the Americans. We stopped fulfilling their greed for more opium and more profit. And then, the attack on the World Trade Center “happened” on September 11, 2001. In this country, it is believed that the Americans had caused it themselves, in order to blame ourselves and attack, defeat and rebuild our plantations. Now we are an even bigger opium producer and supplier than ever before. I do not work on any of these plantations. I rather study and observe the world. Sometimes I wonder, dear world, if I’m paranoid because I believe in every political affair to recognize greed and part of my uncle’s stories … “


Part of a letter (Hannelore, 65, Germany):

“… my husband and I, we have always been diligent, there was hardly a day without work, we have always saved our income and made exactly that life possible for us, which we have now. We have built a house, raised two children, who are already married. We are even proud grandparents of three. Our hobby is the garden, we go to church on Sundays, my husband sings in the choir and I regularly go to the gymnastics group. Asylum seekers have been living in our neighborhood for some time now. In the beginning, they slept in the gym, which is why our gymnastics group did not take place for a while. And since they inhabit a container and the hall is available again, this smell inside is not going away. The asylum seekers are loud and dirty, speak a different language, belong to a different culture and have strange habits. I know that, because one just knows. I do not want to get to meet them any closer, because I’m afraid of them. Of the strangers’ influence and the otherness. And of terrorism. We all are. We also talk about it in our gymnastics group and in the church. And most of the others agree with me. And I do not want my grandchildren to come in contact with them either. I do not like to think, dear world, what happens when they mix with them …


Part of a letter (Peter, 46, USA):

“… I now weigh 250 pounds, my doctors suggest new diets from time to time. For example, I should eat more meat and less carbohydrates, which is also suggested by pharmaceutical companies sponsored by meat-producing companies. I also take a huge amount of pills, every day. 12 in the morning, 7 in the afternoon and 9 in the evening. Physical activity is increasingly difficult for me and is even forbidden, because my hips do not tolerate the weight and surgery would be life-threatening. I need a few minutes at the edge of the bed in the morning until I manage to get up. I suffer shortness of breath on my way to the bathroom. I lost my job. I do not have a health insurance and therefore I can only have the most necessary examinations, my doctor only does what he is paid for. He warned me the other day and made me responsible for my own fate, because more than 400,000 people die each year from heart attacks in the United States. Did you know, dear world, that last year only 70 Americans died from a terrorist attack? And did you also know that our government spends more than 5,000 times more money on fighting terrorism than on the medical care and survival of the heart disease? …


Part of a letter (Daria, 35, Russia):

“… I belong to an environmental organization. Until recently, we were still despised and had to restrain our speech in Russia. Continuous rainfall leads to flooding in some areas, permafrost in other areas and freezing of drinking water in pipes, leads to dehydration of rivers and changes in forests and livestock, the economic and occupational situation of many commuting workers and fishermen and hunters is worsening. Every year, people die of natural disasters and thirst and others suffer from hunger, poverty and homelessness. Russia is a big country, dear world. It is beautiful with its variety of animals and I adore our taiga. At least, nowadays, our government is also starting to take responsibility to protect the climate. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of educational work to be done. Not only in Russia …  “


Part of a letter (Achmed, 41, Syria)

“… I stayed here while many left. I wanted to fight, what the other countries made with us, with our hearts. I am proud of my country and I wish it will be able to survive all by itself. Without the help that is not any help at all, but only a way to make us dependent and to measure our welfare in the satisfaction of our conquerors. For this, we, who have remained, must succeed in reversing the vicious cycle. Due to internal need to finance weapons for the military, our country had to borrow money at that time, now we are in the debt of others. Our lira is worth less than ever, we export our own resources at low prices, the infrastructure in our country has become a profit business of others through privatization. Man is forgotten. I myself, dear world, am a doctor and have not forgotten the people and I will not give up on them either. Everywhere on the streets there is enough to do for me. Only payment there is none … “


Part of a letter (Yara, 12, Palestine)

“… Jerusalem is ours, says my father. My mother says it belongs to nobody, except Allah. My father says he hates the Jews. My mother says, Allah loves all people. If he beats her for it, she is brave and keeps silent. I feel somewhere in between. But my dad has the more powerful arguments. And I know from school that it’s true. We were there first. We own Jerusalem. And we have a legal claim to our property. Property stands for power, wealth, abundance and contentment. I already know that. I feel good when I own something. I’m envied for my phone, my family is wealthier than some others, it feels good to be adored, to have things that others cannot buy. Yes. Jerusalem must be ours again. I feel that deep in my guts. Maybe I’ll blow myself up in a synagogue like a boy from my neighborhood did a few years ago. Even today, people speak of him in adore. Or I study Middle East policy. Whichever feels better on the way to recapture ours, Palestine’s property, Jerusalem …