Coming Home

Dear Human Friend.

What does “home” mean to you? How does it look, sound, smell, taste or feel like? And where exactly do you feel at home? How small or big is the place you call home? And if we really consider that all is one, is”home” then only just another word we have found to differentiate one from the other which cannot be separated? And if one can get homesick, is this an illness? And does it mean that being at home or rather away from it makes us unwell?  Is there also a term such as “homewell”?

To me, “being at home” is something, which we can already sense when born. We are at home as human being right where we are. Wherever we are. This Universe, this Planet, this Place we are in and at the same time that Place within us, our source. That all together is our home. We all share the same home, which is the world we live in together and at the same time we all have our individual home, which is the world we create within us. If one would look from outside of the planet, it might look like a little doll-house, in which each of us has one’s own room and we share bathr-rooms or kitchens and have movie-nights or dinners together.

Coming home is something, which I would by now call a “project”. It has derived from my work as therapist. And it has been brought about by life. My clients are disconnected from themselves. They need to relearn the beauty of the magic which lives within their very homes inside of them. This magic can be found, once this place in us, which we call home has become tidied up. And when every single room shines its magic, then our planet will be able to find its own magic power to heal itself back.

So, I beg you, dear human friend. Come home. Clean your space. Find your magic. Support others in finding theirs as well.

Finding that home inside of us.

Becoming aware of a place called home that lies beyond our consciousness.

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Becoming aware that the home of all is created by the actions each one of us takes every day.

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