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lately Gaia visits me quite often. She asks me, why we humans have created language if we are not using it carefully in communication. She asks about terms such as Love:

“Are you afraid of that what you say love is? Or are you afraid of that what love is? And how do you know that the things are the way you name them? Giving the things names was not meant to create identification, which creates attachment, which creates suffering.”

I wrote some things on behalf of her, using the term Non-Attachment and want to explain it further with this post:

Non-Attachment is not Indifference (and not Detachment)

Indifference means disinterest, apathy, or carelessness. We are inattentive, insensitive, dispassionate, once we act indifferent. When we are indifferent, we do not care about things, which we strongly do when non-attached.

It is important to realize that Non-Attachment is something other than indifference. We can practice Non-attachment and still feel love, joy, (com)passion, gratitude, interest, and excitement.

It can support us to embrace our empathy and connection to the people and the world around us. It allows us to set ourselves free from what we are unable to control and allows us to focus on the tasks that are made for us personally.

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