Biene Gaia

Dear human friends.

Bees are very important and precious animals and we cannot afford to lose them as they are playing a critical role in the cycle of life and there is no way for us to replicate their activities for us.

On July 12th, I spend a couple of hours with Chris, the father of my beehive and he explained me some more why he is just fascinated by this hobby, as it involves physical activity, education, observation, and joy.

And this is my first honey. I called it “Biene Gaia” Honey.

Today is August 9th! And guess what! Chris has created something wonderful within the last week. He seperated the honey from each bee population to see, if they collected in different areas… They did. WOW, Chris. I am amazed!

The Honey from the “Princess Gaia” Beehive is very clear (the one in the middle / with the crown) and it tastes like Peppermint and Thyme.

Thanks, Chris. So cool.

For my friends from Munich, check it out yourselves, Chris can tell you everything you need to know about bees:

Christian Schreiber – Fröttmaninger Str. 3 – Unterschleißheim

With a deep bow,

Julia (aka Princess Gaia)


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