David Boje is not only my friend, he is a true friend of Gaia’s. And to me, he is a true hero of our time. Thank you, David, for being!

The Interview – Princess Gaia and Dr. D in conversation with Grace Ann Rosile and David M. Boje – about THE PLACE!


David’s Work is more than only telling stories!


Water is alive! David finds trash in the desert – and explains what an ONTO-STORY IS!

PART I: Onto-Story of East Mesa Pond being Trashed

Find as well:

PART II: Pack Out what Others Don’t Pack Out to save Pond habitat

PART III: How to make Horse Manure Cob walls and Earthship Greenhouse to upcycle bottles and cans and plastic of Ephemeral Pond

PART IV: What would Henry Thoreau Say about Trashing Ephemeral Pond?

PART V: What onto-story the burned trash of party goers has to tell humanity?

PART VI: What onto-story has trash bags littering Ephemeral Pond to tell us all?

PART VII: As My Dad Always Said, Don’t Just tell the problem, what Solution to you have?

… and even more parts! https://davidboje.com/


Storytelling For WATER


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