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“Life tells stories. Every moment. And we participate. Storytelling is a narrative method with which explicit, but above all implicit knowledge is passed on in the form of different means of rhetoric. Stories have the desire to be consumed with all their might. They are presents, which cannot only be read be heard or looked at. Even more so, they can be touched, experienced, felt and lived in all their beauty.

Julia Hayden is a storytelling therapist and artist. She transforms scientific facts into stories and uses everyday life to create living imageries out of research results and medicine methods. Her stories are a mixture of knowledge and phantasy, of loving compassion, of former experience, of present truth, of future vision and of hopeful wisdom.

For Julia, the greatest crisis of humanity is that we have lost not only the connection to things, nature and the planet, but also the connection to our fellow human beings. Nowadays, we are in the process of losing the connection to ourselves.”


Michael Josefowicz


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Gaia Dialogue – The Philosophy of Earthly Things (not available on the Internet, please contact me personally)