Visiting Fantali

Dear human friend,

Doing harm to others and trying to break the wills of those amongst us, is a real threat to the well-being of our society and the very Planet we live on. Even Gaia can commit suicide, if we finally break her.

This is, why I deeply bow to you and kindly ask you to never ride or mistreat, break or harm an elephant or any other being,

With hope.

Princess Gaia.

These are my personal notes about suicide and crushing in elephants – how the patterns of animal and human emotions are one of a kind – how we behave towards others is how we behave towards ourselves:

Elephants are very communicative beings. They live together in packs and build communities, just as we humans do. Once they have been broken by humans, have lost a close elephant companion or lived through other traumatic situation, they can become mentally ill, as we ourselves can. Then they isolate themselves or even are left out by the others, they become lonely and sad. Some of the elephants actually might commit suicide.

Committing suicide is a true danger to elephants. They kill themselves by standing on their own trunks in order to cut off their air supply.

An actual threat to suicidal attempts in elephants is elephant crushing.
Crushing is a method of elephant owners to torture the elephant until it is so fearful of its humans, that it will do anything to avoid being hurt again.

In this torture, the elephant often is being put into a dark stall or cage. The humans tie the elephant with ropes to keep it from moving, so that it is unable to kick, or even to move its head. Humans stab nails and sticks into the ears and feet of the elephant. They beat it with sticks or chains and torture the elephant with sleep-deprivation, hunger, and thirst. This cruel method makes it submissive to the humans. What once was called Phajaan and was an ancient ceremony to separate the spirit of an elephant from its body — to build up a relationship between Mahout and elephant — has today become a brutal deed to break the elephant’s will. Nowadays, humans misuse elephants for earning their money and this brings them, the elephants, in unhealthy situations. As example, elephant bodies are absolutely not designed for riding or carrying heavy loads. Elephants know, that these works are not made for them and disobey. When they refuse to learn to behave, humans try to break them with crushing.

The Green Elephant Sanctuary Park rescues as many elephants as possible.

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