Princess Gaia goes Podcast



Starting with The Letter of the Ocean and The Letter from Plastic the PRINCESS GAIA PODCAST SERIES has come into life today.

From now on, on a regular base, you can hear the stories of things, emotions, nature and our Planet Earth.

Here you can listen to the first takes. Feedback is very welcome.

To begin with, I am reading some of the Letters, which I received until now. Soon, I will also publish the interviews and conversations with things.

Because I can only speak in my own, Princess Gaia’s voice, I need YOU, any of my readers, to read those writings with me. Please contact me, if you would love to give your voice to a thing, that cannot speak human itself. The sound studio is located in Berlin and the Takes will be produced in the English versions for the moment being. But any accent is very welcome.

Please write a note to


Thank you for your ears and for your support.

I deeply bow to you,

Princess Gaia

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