The day after EARTH HOUR 2019


Dear human friend. Thank you. Thanks for being. And thanks for caring.

After a rather disillusioning Earth Hour experience, I am more humble than ever before. And I am filled with gratitude. Gratitude for those of you, who joined me and listened to the Diary of the Earth. And humbleness, for I stumbled over my own hubris. The world is ready to listen to what I have to say, I believed. But I was taught differently.

Where are we? Where do we go? And how do we get there?

In Barcelona the lights stayed on all night. A cocktail bar had an Earth Hour event, in which selling drinks was of more importance than debating about the life on our Planet. People walked by as I tried to convince them to sit with me and even my fellow friends, who joined me for a conference this weekend had no choice but go to a speakers’ dinner instead of making some noise at Earth Hour.

And still, some of you sneaked away ad made my day…

Thank you, Rika, Tanja, Ulli and Louis. And thank you, the ones who stayed at the Placa de Catalunya and listened. You filled my vision with hope. My heart with warmth. My soul with strength. And you filled the Earth, Gaia, with loving and caring Energy.

Dear Anna, Kristel, the next stop is London. Speakers Corner 🙂

I bow to you.


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