Dear human friend.

I believe that Gaia is a living being. I also believe, that we are all interconnected. And I believe, that we are parts of our Planet Earth like our Planet is part of us.

And because beliefs are considered to be true if they are consistent with other things we believe in, I can proudly speak about truth in my words. To me, it all is coherent. Gaia is a living being. True.

Your perspective on life might be different. You may believe, that our Earth is only a rocky Planet, that serves life to happen. Or you may believe that some supernatural power has created the Earth and beings and is playing a game, like we play Minecraft on the personal computer. Or you might even believe something completely different, that I cannot even imagine. Whatever it is, it is your individual truth, because it coheres with your other beliefs.

My newest blogposts on try to deal with belief and truth.


Embracing Imbalance

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What do you believe in? Part 1 and Part 2.

I bow to you. PG

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