Be your own GURU

Dear human friend,

there is a strive for higher consciousness in some of us. On the way to some stage of life, we cannot even imagine, yet, we come across methods and meet Gurus. We start following their proposals, because we believe in their knowledge.

Sometimes we forget then, that it is us, who know best about what we, ourselves, need in order to thrive, in order to grow, in order to live a joyful life.

We are the ones, who know ourselves best. From the inside of our essences. Our methods are within us. We are our own Gurus.

And therefore, there are many other Gurus around us, everywhere… we can always meet up with them and use them as Sparring-Partners, engage in dialogue, enjoy developing just by ourselves and by accompanying each other.



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A GURU is:

  • a “teacher, guide, expert, or master” of certain knowledge – our essence inside of us can be this teacher, guide, expert or master! And the essence of those around us support us in gaining new perspectives of other knowledge. 
  •  the one who dispels the darkness and takes towards light – who, if not each one of us ourselves would be best at that? And together with those around us, darkness and light is shared…
  • a companion, who supports in shaping values, shares experiential knowledge as much as literal knowledge, an exemplar in life, an inspirational source and who helps in the spiritual evolution – again, be your own companion as well as the companion for the others around you.

I deeply bow to you,

Princess Gaia