New feeling, thinking and acting

Dear human friend,

thank you for a wonderful January. This has already been a busy month and 2019 promises to bring more of that. I can feel a lot of positive energy an I am happy, excited and very grateful for every moment.

Today, I will present the amount of core values, which have reached me throughout this month.

Core Values – January Answer

There is also a new dialogue on Medium, the interview with Cotton.

After studying over these new stories I wrote, my own visions of a beautiful world and a healthy planet Earth have become clearer than ever to me.

We always see the end product. As example, we see the composition of food on the plate in the restaurant. But we do not see the suffering (or joy), the things (potato, streak, garlic butter) have gone through. We do not see the chain of reactions that happen on this very path. My son asked one day: How many sufferings must a thing and other living beings go through on its very path, before it becomes the end product, human beings consume? And is this journey worth it?

We always believe, that altruism is good. But doing good often creates even more imbalance and we should maybe understand, that bad is not always bad and good is not always good. As an example, if we send second hand clothes into the third world, we believe to do good, but we rather destroy their own economy. Sometimes it is better, to help NOT, in order to give the one in need the power to self-organize and to become less dependent.

Maybe, my words give your thoughts some new legs and arms, enjoy the feeling of “new”. New feeling, thinking and acting.

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Fridays for Future

I bow to you.

Princess Gaia


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