December with Gaia


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Dear human friend,

In two days is December. What comes into your mind, when this month lies ahead of you?

Some of us (in the Northern Hemisphere) might think of skiing in the mountains, of a white countryside covered in snow. They might feel the cold fingers, think about their snow fight with friends last year, hear the screaming laughter, still. Others could be able to smell cinnamon, mulled wine, gingerbread, fresh from the oven. Others may sense sounds, possibly of Christmas songs out of shops, of church-bells, of happy giggling children, because Christmas eve is coming soon. And then, there would be the beauty of decorated gardens, houses and trees wherever we look.

But what does December mean on the other side of the equator? On the Southern Hemisphere, the summer starts just now. And in opposition to a quite regular forecast of temperature and snowfall in our Northern Hemisphere, weather is rather notoriously chaotic in the Southern half of the Planet. Heavy rainfalls, storms, droughts, they come and go spontaneously. And maybe still, even in the Southern Hemisphere some might bake gingerbread, decorate their homes, sense the giggle of excited children.

December might be a joyful month, for some, for those who have a warm home, who feel secure in a close relationship, who live in wealth. And it might as well be a stressful month, for others, for those, who have more than just one Christmas event to manage, more than just one present to buy. And it also might be a fearful month, for those, who have no home and live out in the streets, in both Hemispheres, who are not prepared for the freezing nights or chaotic weather changes. And it also may be a sad month, for even others, for those, who think about loved ones who are not around anymore, who have no possibility to spend time with their beloved ones or who are just not able to give what they want to give, emotionally or physically. December is also a thoughtful month. It is the last month of the year. And in our Hemisphere, it is even the darkest month of the year as well.

December. One word. Many meanings. Differing emotions, pictures, smells, sensations, thoughts, points of views. Let us support each other and make it an as joyful month as possible for everyone living and for our mother Earth.

I bow to you.

Princess Gaia.