Who do we choose to be?

Dear human friend,

let us imagine, we can choose who we want to be, yesterday, today, tomorrow, right now, in this very moment of our lives. What then would we go for?

If we walk the timeline backwards starting today, we would find ourselves in the era of the Anthropocene, having happened since the industrialization. In this era, we, the humankind,

–        believed to know everything about the world,
–        considered ourselves as being “better” living beings than others,
–        wanted to be in control of the world and to be the masters of the environment around us.

If we walk the timeline futurewards starting today, we might – in the most beautiful all worlds, which I wish to live in – find ourselves in the era, which could still be named Anthropocene, but which would be a “new kind” of Anthropocene, one in which

–        we change our minds about the world we live in – which we are,
–        we start realizing, that we are alive in a living Earth – which is holy,
–        we find out that the actions we take give us instant feedback on how we relate to the world – which is Gaia, our mother.

We would choose to live life instead of going on with doing, what we used to call life.

This is exactly, where we are, right now. We find ourselves in between those two eras, we are as happy about that fact as we might be sad, we try to act as focused as we try to avoid confusion, we are as free as we feel locked up within our perspective on what then is right and what is wrong.

Today, we can

–        see, even sense the “pain” of the Earth (the obvious),
–        measure climate change, population growth, CO2 leverage, … (science) and
–        free ourselves from our industrialized mind-sets, awaken back to what we once knew (ancestral knowledge).

And today, now, in this very moment, we have the possibility to choose all of the above, because in the most beautiful of all worlds, WE ARE ONE. Like my favourite sentence: “I am you and you are me and we are the world.” Oneness, dear human friend, means to me, that each one of us – and with us every single thing from the atom to the big universe – and every system is a Holon (a whole and a part of a greater whole). And as Holons we are open systems, which adapt and break apart or evolve, we stabilize our balance and survival by a homeostatic function, a self-generating act of cooperation between ourselves. We are well capable to survive. As Holons.

As human beings, this self-generating, homeostatic act of cooperation has to do with love, trust, responsibility, courage and community.

Who, then, do we choose to be?
If I choose to be Princess Gaia, who do you choose to be?

How, then, do we choose to change our mind-sets?
If I choose to ask our mother Earth, how she feels, in order to sense her pain, whom would you choose to question on how he / she / it feels?

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