Dear human friend, life is a kaleidoscope and we can look at it through as many perspectives as we can imagine, maybe there are more points of views or stories than the number of grains of sand in the Sahara. I want to hear as many individual stories as possible, I would love to give [...]


Dear Gaia Storytellers. We are pleased to invite you for another series of zoom-seminars in the Gaia Storytelling network. This time we will be hosting a series of seminars on Water storytelling. Water is important in many ways. Water is critical for life on earth in many ways. Without water there would be not any [...]

Humming For Gaia

Dear human friends. Join us. Every month. Every day. Every moment. Humming For Gaia on Facebook We are now (all May) collecting more Videos from around the globe. Tell us where you are and what time it is (any), and say it in your mother tongue. Then sit and meditate. Wir sammeln jetzt (den gesamten [...]

Get the Books

"Life tells stories. Every moment. And we participate. Storytelling is a narrative method with which explicit, but above all implicit knowledge is passed on in the form of different means of rhetoric. Stories have the desire to be consumed with all their might. They are presents, which cannot only be read be heard or looked [...]